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Please Comply with laws against deceptive or misleading advertising. Advertising is regulated by both federal and state law. Under the law, your ad is unlawful if it tends to mislead or deceive.  If your ad is deceptive, you can face legal problems even if you have the best intentions in the world. In addition, if your ad contains a false statement, you have violated the law. All content Advertised MUST be appropriate. 

SC&P (Sandy Clicks and Prints) and it's employees and/or representative(s) are not responsible for your advertisement message and the contents, offers or claims. However if we find an advertisement to be illegal, or false it will not be posted or processed. We have the right to decline or refuse any advertisement request. You should always seek permission to quote an/or use copyright / protected material. 

Your ad, once approved will randomly and selectively appear on our social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and on our website(s) etc. for a specified period or time frame not to exceed 5 business days. There is no guaranteed amount of time that your ad may appear.

You must be one of our Fans or Followers to submit an advertisement request. Since this is a free offer, absolutely no charge to you, there is no guarantee which social many platform our ours that your ad will appear. We will display approved ads (advertisements) as quickly as possible.  

We have the right to end this special at anytime. There is No cash value and No rain checks for this advertisement event. 

We are only accepting TEXT Ads at this time. If you rather pay to advertise a message on one of our social networks, you must place an order through our customer service department by calling 410-417-7468. Messages are $3.75 each (140 characters limit on Twitter) and 2 to 3 short sentences limit on Facebook.   
By Submitting Your Ad Request You Are Agreeing To Our Terms

* Ad messages may be shorten to fit social media platform. 

Please be sure to read our rules and policy below before submitting your ad. 

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